For 25 years the Prince’s Foundation has pioneered practices, keeping communities the very heart of our work. We have drawn on our knowledge and experience to create toolkits that will educate and empower communities in the UK and abroad.

Bimby toolkit

The Prince’s Foundation is committing to sharing its expertise and knowledge with a wide an audience as possible both in the UK, and internationally. Apply our methods and practise through our online, open-sourced tools featured in this section.

Bimby toolkit


Our online Toolkit, BIMBY, is an open source version of our pioneering consultation process, Enquiry By Design. By first asking people what they want from their built environment, planners, developers and communities can create appropriate, sustainable and beautiful places.

It is specifically designed to give both certainty to house builders, who can be sure of their housing’s popularity, whilst also granting security to the community and local authority that new building projects will tie in with local preferences and needs.