The Prince’s House & Shop

The Prince’s House and Shop demonstrates the kind of mixed-use development that encourages a thriving community, strong neighbourhood character, and pedestrian and bicycle friendly quarters.

Prince's House and Shop

We believe it is vital to engage with the next generation of designers who will be at the forefront of producing our future homes, and particularly those that deal with the challenge of building sustainably.

The Prince’s House & Shop, at the Ideal Home Show 2013, is the outcome of our Young Designer Competition, which saw promising young architects go head to head to develop a design for our next demonstration Eco Build.




Our young designers were briefed to create a paired villa that demonstrates the benefits of traditional, mixed-use development, where residential and commercial are elegantly integrated. The design should reflect HRH The Prince of Wales’ principles of sustainability, beauty, and traditional design.

Douglas Ardern, Jamie Wallace and Ruaridh Inverarity submitted the winning deisgn, which was built at the Ideal Home Show 2013, and styled by House Beautiful. The first half of their paired villa comprises of a two-bedroom house, whilst the other half consists of a shop with a top floor flat, demonstrating the flexibility of this housing type.

As Chief Executive of The Prince’s Foundation, Hank Dittmar, explained, the idea was to show that “you can have a green and beautiful house that’s convenient to live in. It doesn’t wear its eco credentials on its sleeve by being eco bling”, so you won’t find any solar panels on the roof. What you’ll find instead are more subtle green solutions. The home is made with a breathable wall system of lime rendered timber with recycled newspaper insulation. It’s air tight but releases humidity. While the home is 70% more energy efficient than current building regulations demand, it hasn’t sacrificed its visual appeal.