We're talking with all sorts of people in all sorts of different ways. It's not just us that believe in great places to live. We have some dedicated ambassadors in Kirstie Allsopp, George Clarke and Diarmuid Gavin who are all helping to spread the sustainability word. Talking about gardens, homes and interiors is an important part of empowering people.

HRH The Prince of Wales, Kirsty Allsopp, George Clarke


Kirstie Mary Allsopp is a British TV presenter best known for presenting Channel 4 property programmes Location Location Location, Relocation Relocation, Location Revisited & The Property Chain.

She said; "Location Location Location is a mantra I share passionately with The Prince's Foundation. That's because we both believe incredibly strongly that good places to live are not just about your own house but about the community in which your house stands. By that I mean its social life, its local shops and businesses, its open space and the general quality of its streets. Really desirable places have a wonderful mix of well kept houses - yes - but they also have a beating heart - a liveliness which comes from interesting, quality or quirky shops, places that people meet and socialise, gain new skills and interests, perhaps have opportunities to grow food or tend an area of wildlife or woodland. I want to inspire people to make both their homes and their communities better from picking up litter to supporting local building craftsmen to getting involved in local planning decisions. That's why I'm an ambassador for The Prince's Foundation - it's a charity that cares about all of this."


George Clarke is an architect, writer and lecturer and one of the most successful property TV presenters on UK television. After making three successful series of Build A New Life for Five from 2003 to 2006, George became the face of architecture at Channel 4 with the launch of The Home Show in 2008 and the forthcoming launch of Restoration Man in 2009.

He said; "The Prince's Foundation stands for sustainability, community and the construction of buildings that will last for generations....I'm proud to be part of it"


Diarmuid Gavin studied at the College of Amenity Horticulture in Glasnevin, Dublin. He then established his own school of garden design and, later, became famous as a TV presenter. His designs are deliberately quirky, ignoring the traditional twentieth century objective of making a functional space. Instead, he aims to make startling places. To the critic the are spaces containing odd objects (and well-chosen plants) rather than places in which objects and plants are used to define and create outdoor space.

He said; “I am totally behind the Prince’s Foundation’s mission to give everyone the chance to garden – whether in a window box or a two-acre field. I’ll be helping them give communities ideas and inspiration on how to get more from the growing space they have.”