Young Heritage Apprenticeship

Our Young Heritage Apprentice programme aims to advance traditional craftsmanship by training the next generation of master craftsmen. Our course provides practical experience in sustainable building crafts, which are a living connection to our cultural heritage.

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Start date: Programme now closed

Duration: 12 months

Bursary: £765 per month

Overview: Our Young Heritage Apprenticeship programme began in 2014 and has been designed to help 16-18 year olds into a career in the heritage sector. Our course provides practical experience in traditional building crafts and the opportunity to gain a heritage building skills related NVQ Level 2, vital to starting a career within the heritage sector.


HRH The Prince of Wales frequently meets young people who have vocational skills that aren’t being encouraged or developed and is concerned that traditional crafts are dying out across the UK. We believe it’s crucial to preserve these valuable skills before they’re lost forever and to pass on the wisdom and knowledge that we’ve built up over hundreds and thousands of years.

Our Apprenticeship programme is ideal for people with looking to kick-start a career in the traditional building and conservation sector. We are looking for candidates with the desire to continue to develop and use the skills they gain through this programme to improve the built environment for this, and future generations.

The course starts with a 3 week Summer School at the Dumfries House Estate. Over the 3 weeks you will work with professional craftspeople trying out trades such as stonemasonry, plastering, carpentry and roofing. You will work with the Summer School tutors to decide which of these traditional building crafts you would like to specialise in for your training placements. You will also meet with an NVQ assessor to discuss how you will be working towards your NVQ whilst on the programme and also complete a health and safety exam.

You will then undertake at least two training placements with heritage craftspeople in your chosen craft. These placements will take place in your local area, allowing you to live at home during this time. Placements are for 10 months of the programme.

During the 12 month course you will attend a short course in business and employability skills and a short course in Understanding Repair and Maintenance of Traditional Pre-1919 Buildings.

Some students may also have the opportunity to return to Dumfries House Estate and take part in a Live Build which forms part of our Building Craft Apprentices programme.

Please note that this is a full time course. Apprentices will be working up to 35 hours a week, with some weekend work required.

  • Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Building Maintenance, Multi-Trade Repair and Refurbishment (Construction)
  • CSCS card in Health and Safety
  • Level 3 Award in Understanding Repair and Maintenance of Traditional Pre-1919 Buildings

Key Skills and Outcomes from attending the programme:

  • Business planning and employability skills (timekeeping, responsibility, team working) through attendance of short course and training placements
  • New skills in traditional building crafts through attending Summer School and training placements
  • Workplace experience through training placements
  • The chance to work with some of the country’s leading master craftspeople
  • Support with further training courses and employment opportunities

This programme is for 16-18 year olds who are no longer in education at the time the programme begins (25thJuly).

There are no entry requirements in terms of past experience, but we do welcome applications from those who have knowledge of or interest in the heritage sector or traditional building crafts.

All participants of the programme receive a monthly bursary of £765 to cover travel and subsistence costs whilst on training placements.

Travel and accommodation costs for trips to Dumfries House Estate are paid for by the Prince’s Foundation.

Applications for the Young Heritage Apprenticeship are now closed.

For more information please contact: Lauren Banks, Programme Coordinator


T: 020 7613 8582